Rules and Entry Requirements

There is A $10 fee to enter The Kornguth’s Soapbox Derby! The fee is new this year. The derby has grown and so have our expenses.

The rules to enter are pretty straightforward:

1) No Killing
2) No Dying
3) No motor or propulsion other than gravity
4) At least 3 wheels (1 wheel is also acceptable… just not 2)
5) No pre-fabricated cars (salvaged materials encouraged)
6) Must be able to be lifted by two people
7) Must fit in the back of a full bed pick up truck (no height limit)
8) No guns (except water guns and water cannons)
9) No bombs (except water ballons)
10) You have to pick up any mess you make or damage you cause

We do have the following recommendations – while not required, a quick overview of our Video section will suggest the same things.

1) Brakes
2) Hand steering
3) Safety equipment, e.g., helmet, gloves, boots, leather jacket etc.
4) Test your vehicle before race day

Entry Instructions

Print this form and bring it with you on race day. No form, no racing!

Waiver and Release Form (PDF)

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